Example of a chat implementation with simultaneous translation.

demo to using following techniques:

  • display data from the XML file
  • inlay module/component (PHP, CSS, JS)
  • custom namespace for PHP functions
  • custom PHP functions with XPath
  • custom REST service
  • Seanox aspect.js (JavaScript-API)


To activate the translation configure chat.php.
You need an a Microsoft (MSDN) account (see Getting Started with Microsoft Translator).

1. Select Language

Choose a language for the direct translation of chat content.

2. Enter Name

The name can have a length from 1 to 32 characters.
It can include the characters a-zA-Z_-. are used.

3. Join Room

Opens a new room and give others this Room-ID.
Or you can enter a known Room-ID to join.

Oops, the Room-ID is invalid!

Check the correct spelling.
Important: The Room-ID is case sensitive.

Oops, the service is not available!

Please try again later.

Please wait...